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At four weeks of age, the Garden Roses puppies have really started to 'blossom'. They have started developing charming, unique personalities, experiencing new things and enjoying playing outside.

Several of these puppies are available to the right homes, so feel free to inquire. Here they are at four weeks old:

- Puppy 1 -
Tiny white spotted girl

- Puppy 2 -
White spotted girl with brindle cheek patches

- Puppy 3 -
Irish marked red brindle girl with white collar

- Puppy 4 -
Irish marked red brindle girl

- Puppy 5 -
Dark Irish marked girl with white neck stripe

- Puppy 6 -
Irish marked red brindle girl with white spot on back of neck

- Puppy 7 -
White spotted girl with heart shaped spot on rear

- Puppy 8 -
White spotted boy with black mask

See pictures of puppies from week 3.

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