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Superhero puppies at three weeks old are starting to play! Pigment is continuing to fill in and eyes are fully open and taking in everything. The babies are developing and getting stronger all the time. They enjoy climbing, crawling, along with very cute baby versions of walking and trotting. They seem to love spending time with their 'doggy' family, and Isis, Tuscan and Strider have all done their best to 'nurse' the babies, with extremely limited results at least as far as feeding is concerned. :)

Strider giving his 'step-son' a word of encouragement to explore the great outdoors

Tuscan inviting sister to climb on him

Most of the pictures this week were taken during the superheroes first adventure into the great outdoors. Colors are in some pictures a little bright in the sunshine on a light colored background, but possibly truer colors than the darker 'indoor' versions from previous weeks. The biggest problem I had this week taking pictures was that each puppy would start 'running' toward me when I put them down! They are so sweet and love people.

Puppy 1 (boy)

Puppy 2 (girl)

(guest appearance by step-dad, Strider)

Puppy 3 (girl)

Puppy 4 (girl)

Puppy 5 (girl)

Puppies 'hanging out'


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