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Tiny puppy toes at the milkbar


Puppies at one week are enjoying crawling, eating and snuggling. We have started super puppy exercises and introducing the babies to family (including their canine 'family' - Strider, Isis and Tuscan). Kyra is a super-mom and loves feeding, cleaning, sleeping with and loving her tiny babies. She prefers to spend most of her time with the babies, dancing out of her 'bed' for a visit, wag her tail and then go back to the babies after checking in with her humans and spreading some joy. Daddy Maverick has been enjoying pictures and sending 'kisses' and head nudges/leans through cyberspace.

Puppy 1 (boy)

Puppy 2 (girl)

Puppy 3 (girl)

Puppy 4 (girl)

Puppy 5 (girl)

Puppies at milkbar



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